Zapdoc Digital ServicesIn an age of social networking, instant chat, and texting promotions, there remains one consistently successful sales tool: the telephone. While all communication with potential customers has merit, the phone contact remains the primary introduction of products between businesses. Beyond business, the art of the phone contact is alive and well. For such a sales professional, a quantitive list of businesses with phone numbers is invaluable. That list is here: One Million U.S. Business Leads!
Most US States Included!
A list of over one million businesses in the most populous states are included. This ensures a rich regional diversity that allows you to tailor geographic strategies and compare marketing trends, which will help you with your interstate presence and sales growth potential.
Virtually Every Business Category Included
Businesses are broken down by SIC (Standard Industrial Classification), both in 4-digit and 6-digit formats, to allow you to target specific business types. With thousands of business types to choose from, there is no need to restrict your promotional attributes to just one business.
Why Waste Lots of Money on Lead Lists?
Many subscription-based lead lists are not always up to date. When such problems occur, having a sheer quantity of business leads will allow you to keep going down the list to promote your busisness or service. Of course, business is fluid, and One Million U.S. Business Leads was compiled over an eight-year period, so some businesses are not active. But for less than $10, you will be able to contact many more leads at far less cost!
Program Web Searches for Additional Info
Using a variety of search protocols, you can program search engines to obtain street addresses, as well as email, website, and social site information for each contact. Using One Million U.S. Business Leads with an authorized subscription with Google Search, for instance, can create an entire litany of information in a very short time. Try manually clicking each site for your leads, and you can see how much time is saved!
Smart Phone and Autodialers
Formatted using the popular CSV format, you can easily import the list into a variety of applications such as Microsoft Access, Excel, and FoxPro. Such applications can create call lists tailored to your specific queries, so you can set up your Smart Phone to make calls in succession. In addition, you can set up phone autodialers to go down your specific call sequence.
Complete List Is Available IMMEDIATELY!
Our list is not only massive, it is delivered immediately! Note: If you watched the video, it implied next-day delivery. With our new seller the list is now downloaded immediately upon purchase. So you can order now, and within the hour, start your first full-fledged campaign. Unleash your potential on an entire country of businesses and customers just waiting for your call!
One Million U.S. Business Leads: The Art of the phone contact is back!

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